Is there any guidance for applying to be an Approved Fully Vaccinated Facility?

The keystone to the application process is a facility’s or event’s vaccination verification policy and the implementation of that policy. Here is a checklist for your application

To meet the requirements of this program, the policy must result in at least 95% of the individuals in the indoor space are vaccinated. To calculate the percentage of fully vaccinated individuals in the indoor space, the facility or event must count all individuals indoors, including but not limited to children under 5 and individuals exempt from the vaccine requirement, regardless of the reason.

Facilities and event organizers are advised to consult legal counsel to determine appropriate policies based on their particular circumstances and considering their legal requirements and obligations.

Evaluation of Applications

The Approved Fully Vaccinated Facility program recognizes that each facility and event may have unique needs reflecting the diversity of our community. To be eligible for this program, facilities and events must prove that they are meeting the three requirements below. The program does not require any particular type of written policy nor does it require or prohibit any particular exemptions as long as the facility or event can prove that 95% of the individuals in each approved indoor space have provided proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.

Facilities and events should consult with legal counsel to determine policy compliance with any applicable federal, state, and local laws. Jefferson County Public Health cannot and will not review policies for such compliance and cannot provide legal advice to businesses, individuals, or other entities. Businesses, individuals and event organizers are encouraged to consult with an attorney prior to developing their policies.

All Approved Fully Vaccinated Facilities and Events are required to demonstrate the following three requirements:

  1. A Written Policy Requiring Proof of Vaccination:
     Each facility and event must have a written policy requiring proof of vaccination for all individuals. If the facility or event permits exemptions, for example, because such exemptions are required by law or due to individuals not yet eligible for the vaccination (i.e. under age 5), JCPH recommends that the policy explain the required documentation/information that an individual requesting the exemption must submit, how the facility or event evaluates the applicability of the exemption to that individual, and, if applicable, the unique considerations of the facility or event that require that facility or event to have such an exemption. While such detail is not required under the program, providing the detail about the exemption process may help the facility achieve the 95% requirement. In addition, the policy should address what actions the facility or event will take (for example, denial of entry) for individuals who refuse to comply with the policy.
  2. At least 95% of Individuals Indoors at that Facility or Event Have Provided Proof of Full Vaccination: The policy for each facility and event should result in 100% or nearly 100% of the individuals within the facility or event fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Each facility or event must have verified proof of full vaccination for at least 95% of all individuals within that facility or event. In other words, a maximum of 5% of the individuals at the event or in the facility may be unvaccinated, whether due to an approved exemption, ineligibility for the vaccine, for example, due to age (under 5), or any other reason. Facilities that expect that they may have a large number of individuals requesting exemptions should modify their policy, for example, by providing fully-masked hours of operation. Failure to comply with the 95% rule may result in the facility or event becoming ineligible for the program in violation of Public Health Order 21-006.
  3. Other Mitigation Strategies, If Necessary: Jefferson County Public Health may also consider the facility’s or event’s other mitigation and infection control strategies such as distancing within the indoor space, adequacy of air flow, symptom screening and testing balanced against other risk factors relative to the indoor space including but not limited to size of indoor space, number of individuals expected in the indoor space as compared to the capacity, the demographics of the event or individuals within the facility (for example, whether the facility or event caters to or expects a large number of higher-risk individuals).

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