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Posted on: November 29, 2018

Let’s Chat Property Taxes and How Your Bill is Calculated


Each year, property owners receive bills from the county for their property taxes. But how are these taxes calculated? Or did you know that even though the county collects all property taxes, only a small portion goes to the county? The majority goes to school districts, cities and special districts. And do you know what services are being provided with the county’s portion?

To help you better understand and answer these questions, we created a four-part video series, Property Taxes 101, hosted by Commissioner Libby Szabo. In these videos, we will discuss how your property taxes are determined and provide a detailed example of how your tax bills are calculated. The videos include what mill levies are, assessed value of your property and what affects your property tax bill.

Property Taxes 101: Part 1 – Introduction
So, let’s get started! Commissioner Libby Szabo introduces us to the series and what we will be discussing in the upcoming videos.

Property Taxes 101: Part 2 - How Property Taxes Are Determined and the Mill Levy
Now it is time to dive in and learn more about your property taxes in part two of Property Taxes 101. Commissioner Libby Szabo chats with us about how your property taxes are determined. She will go over mill levies and provide an example of how they are determined and how they affect your property tax bills.

Property Taxes 101: Part 3 - How Your Property is Assessed
So how is your property assessed? In the third part of Property Taxes 101, Commissioner Libby Szabo will go over this and provide an example using the different assessment rates for residential and non-residential properties.

Part four coming soon!

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