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Posted on: April 4, 2022

Deputy’s Body Worn Camera Disputes Woman’s Allegations


The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is aware of a video circulating on social media that references a traffic stop with one of our deputies. In the video, an 18 year old female claims she was stopped for drunk driving by the deputy, that she blew a “3.8” BAC, and was released with just a warning. She also claims the deputy gave her his phone number and said they should “meet for coffee or lunch.” She goes on to say she “is getting lunch with him tomorrow.” The video can be viewed at 

We also have a video that disputes her claims. Our body worn camera video of this contact can be viewed in its entirety at driver’s license, vehicle license plate, and deputy’s computer screen have been redacted from the video. At timestamp 1:27, the deputy mutes his body worn camera while he was not in contact with the driver. He unmutes his camera at 5:37, prior to resuming contact with the driver. 

At 4:41 a.m. on Saturday, April 2, Deputy Stahl stopped a vehicle for weaving near the intersection of W. Bowles and S. Holland. The 18 year old female from the aforementioned video was driving and was the sole occupant of the vehicle. The deputy’s body worn camera video captures his entire contact with her, including the reason he stopped her. When he asked if she had been drinking, she said “no.” She also did not slur her speech, nor did the deputy smell alcohol on her or witness any other physical signs of intoxication. There was no evidence of alcohol in the vehicle. Therefore, he did not conduct any tests for DUI, including administering a breathalyzer. 

Instead, the deputy cleared her name for any warrants, verified the vehicle’s license plate which came back clear, and issued the driver a warning for weaving. Prior to releasing the driver, in compliance with Colorado law, the deputy handed her a business card upon which he had written his name, badge number, and “South” for our South Precinct. He also wrote “LNR Weaving” for Lecture and Release. Nowhere on the card was the deputy’s phone number.

We appreciate the public’s interest in ensuring our deputy acted appropriately and we assure you, he did.

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