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Posted on: December 16, 2020

Airport Noise Roundtable Meetings Opening to Public


Jefferson County, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (RMMA) and the surrounding municipalities are implementing the Airport Community Noise Roundtable (RMMACNR) to address concerns raised by members of local communities. An Intergovernmental Agreement forming the roundtable was recently signed by the founding members, including:

  • Jefferson County
  • Boulder County
  • City and County of Broomfield
  • City of Arvada
  • City of Louisville
  • City of Westminster
  • Town of Superior

The first official meeting of the RMMACNR is scheduled to occur on January 11, 2021, at 9 a.m. These meetings will be broadcast to the public. Meeting details and a formal agenda will be published on the Airport Community Noise Roundtable website. The RMMACNR is currently scheduled to take public comment on a quarterly basis, with the first public comment date to-be-determined by the members at this upcoming meeting.  

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) preferred venue for considering changes in airspace procedures and routing is a roundtable so that all surrounding communities can vet any changes in airport operations and aircraft routing. The community roundtable process ensures representation from all potentially impacted stakeholders, including surrounding communities and jurisdictions, airport users, and the FAA, so that any requested change in aircraft operations by one community does not negatively and unfairly impact another.

Over the years, RMMA has spearheaded or participated in several things to mitigate noise and other concerns from surrounding communities. Those include:

  • Formed an internal RMMA airport noise task force to evaluate potential voluntary noise abatement procedures.
  • RMMA always encourages pilots to fly quietly to the extent possible consistent with flight safety and the federal preemption of airspace. For example, pilots are requested to:
    • Overfly major road corridors and open space when able
    • Climb at best rate of climb
    • Reduce RPM when safe
    • Fly standard (or higher) glide path
  • Participated in the Town of Superior/City of Louisville Airport Noise Study.
  • Published revised voluntary noise abatement procedures in late 2019.
  • An ESRI story map, created by the City of Louisville and Town of Superior with input from RMMA, to share some basic information with their communities about the airport. It contains a noise map, the airport influence area and traffic pattern maps, flight traffic and training information and more. 
  • Implementation of the Airport Community Noise Roundtable.

RMMA has been owned and operated by Jefferson County since 1960, and the airport has grown along with the surrounding region. As a business that seeks to be part of the community, RMMA listens closely to community concerns about flight operations, noise and other topics and have worked with the community over the years, especially as the communities and number of residents around the airport has grown, to address concerns and continue to do so.

The Airport Community Noise Roundtable website has been launched and will be the main repository for all information on the roundtable, including meetings, minutes, documents and how the public can get involved.

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