Invasive Species Management

Apr 20

[ARCHIVED] April 2019 What We Are Seeing

The original item was published from April 20, 2019 2:52 PM to August 4, 2021 7:28 AM

Myrtle Spurge
Euphorbia myrsinites
A List A noxious weed.  Elimination is required if it is on your property. Remove or treat before it sets seed.

This weed contains a toxic sap that can cause severe blistering so wear protective gear.
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Myrtle spurge  Myrtle_spurge_group  myrtle - yellow

Musk thistle
Rosettes are starting to show up at lower elevations.  They grow flat to the ground.  The leaves have white margins and lighter mid-ribs.

Musk thistle is a List B noxious weed required to be controlled. Info

Musk thistle

Common mullein
Common mullein rosettes are starting to show up throughout the county.  They are grey-green and fuzzy. 

A List C noxious weed that we recommend you control. If your soil is still moist, you can remove the rosettes, as long as you get the first 4 inches of the root too. Info

Common mullein