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Apr 22

McIntyre Street Phase II (West 52nd Avenue to 60th Avenue)

Posted on April 22, 2019 at 3:01 PM by Celeste Caulkins

Project Scope: 
The McIntyre Street roadway improvements project is in the second phase of construction, between W. 56th Place and W. 58th Avenue.  Roadway improvements will include:
  • Widening of the road to four 11-foot travel lanes with a raised center median that varies between 4 and 15 feet depending on if turn lanes are installed
  • 4-foot bike lanes
  • 8-foot sidewalks
  • Two new box culverts where the Farmers Highline Canal crosses McIntyre Street
  • A new bridge at the Van Bibber Creek crossing that will include pedestrian access under McIntyre. 
See McIntyre Phase II Proposed Design (PDF)

Phase II of this project has been awarded to SEMA Construction in the amount of $7,043,611.80.

Project Update (as of April 22, 2019): 
The project start date was July 11, 2018.  The anticipated duration of the project is 14 months (through the summer of 2019).

Traffic continues to drive on the west half of the newly constructed roadway.  This configuration will be in place for several months while the contractor builds the new section of McIntyre Street on the east side of the road.

Concrete box culvert sections have been set in three locations of where Farmers Highline Canal flows underneath McIntyre Street. The contractor completed enough work in these locations where water can flow in the canal. Water began flowing on April 1. The contractor will complete final restorative landscaping work later this spring.

The contractor lowered and relocated numerous water mains for the Farmers Highline Canal concrete box culvert work, and in advance of the new bridge construction at Van Bibber Creek.  Water line work is nearly complete.  Also, the contractor has almost finished the new storm sewer (drainage) system pipe and structure installation.

The east half of Van Bibber Creek bridge construction is underway. Caissons have been drilled and placed, and the bridge abutments are being constructed.  Note that the bridge girders are scheduled to be set on May 10 with a large crane.  There will be increased heavy truck traffic as girders are being delivered.  Longer traffic holds (up to 10 minutes) can be expected.  This work is dependent on weather conditions and other construction scheduling.

The speed limit is reduced to 25 mph (20 mph near W. 56th Place) with fines doubled in the construction zone. Speed enforcement is being conducted by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

For more information:
If you would like to receive traffic updates for this project, call the project hotline at 720-550-9695 or request to be on the email list at [email protected].  You can also Like us on Facebook and Twitter with @JeffcoColorado to sign up for notifications.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this roadway improvement project.