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Dec 13

West Quincy Avenue (South Swadley Court to South Simms St)

Posted on December 13, 2019 at 4:06 PM by Lindsay Townsend

Project Scope:
This project is being designed and constructed with Jefferson County One-Half Cent Sales Tax Funds, and in part with the County’s Impact Fee Funds. The purpose of the project is to advance the design of West Quincy Avenue from West Tufts Avenue to South Simms Street from the conceptual level design to a final design for making roadway and landscaping improvements.

Planned Project Improvements/Elements:
• 11-foot wide travel lanes (one in each direction)
• Raised medians (west of Arbutus)
• Two-way painted left-turn lanes (east of Arbutus)
• 6-foot wide concrete sidewalks (attached and detached)
• 4-foot wide on-street bike lanes
• Enhanced pedestrian/bicycle crossings at:
     Regional Trail Crossing at Eldridge
     Youngfield Street bus stop
     Harriman Ditch Trail Crossing
• New storm sewer system to reduce flood potential
• Water quality treatment of initial storm waters
• Changing Quincy/Simms roundabout to a single-lane roundabout
• New retaining walls
• Irrigated (low water usage) landscaping improvements

Project Update (as of December 13, 2019):
Phase I construction is nearing completion.  The roundabout is open and functioning, but drivers should expect minor traffic holds as crews finalize striping, signage and concrete work.

The public is encouraged to use alternative routes during construction.

Note: After construction is completed, the intersection will be a new single-lane Modern Roundabout (i.e. with no stop signs).

Link to W. Quincy Avenue and S. Simms Street Single-Lane Roundabout Plan (PDF)

The improvements to W. Quincy Ave. (S. Simms Street to W. Tufts Avenue) will be addressed in three phases with three separate construction contracts extending into 2024.  Phase I, ACC’s contract, is scheduled for completion this fall and involves the reconstruction of the roundabout at S. Simms Street to S. Swadley Court. 
Project Schedule: 
Phase 1 Roadway Construction (Swadley to Simms) – 2019
Phase 2 Roadway Construction (Beech to Swadley) – 2021 & 2022
Phase 1 Landscaping Construction (Arbutus to Simms) – 2023
Phase 3 Roadway Construction (Tufts to Beech) – 2023
Phase 2 Landscaping Construction (Tufts to Arbutus) - 2024

Stay Informed: 
For additional information about this project, call the project information line at (303) 730-4525 or email ACC’s Public Information team.
Reference Documents
Public Meeting - Aerial Board No. 1 (PDF)
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Public Meeting - Proposed Roundabout Changes (Quincy to Nassau) (PDF)
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