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Sep 28

West Quincy Avenue (West Tufts Ave to South Simms St)

Posted on September 28, 2018 at 11:27 AM by Patricia Krmpotich

Executive Summary of July 20th Public Open House
Project Scope:

This project is being designed and constructed with Jefferson County One-Half Cent Sales Tax Funds, and in part with the County’s Impact Fee Funds. The purpose of the project is to advance the design of West Quincy Avenue from West Tufts Avenue to South Simms Street from the conceptual level design to a final design for making roadway and landscaping improvements.

Why the Project is Being Done
The roadway and landscaping improvements for this Quincy project were mandated by south Jefferson County citizens in the 2001 One-Half Cent Sales Tax Election. The project timing corresponds with the needed replacement of the roadway pavement which has exceeded its useful life.

Key Project Goals:
• Improve safety for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and residents along the corridor by providing design elements to reduce speeding traffic
• Improve the safety of side street and driveway access
• Enhance pedestrian walkability and connectivity to the existing and future planned trails in the area
• To reduce the number of crashes at the Quincy/Simms roundabout

"Minor Arterial” Template to “Major Collector” Template: 
Because the County’s “Major Collector” Template is a better fit to the existing residential land uses along the roadway, and more conductive to “traffic calming” design elements; Transportation & Engineering Division will be seeking a Site Approval from the Planning Commission (a public process with public input) to change Quincy from Eldridge to Simms from a “Minor Arterial” roadway classification to “Major Collector” template on the County’s Major Thoroughfare Plan.

Planned Project Improvements/Elements:
• 11-foot wide travel lanes (one in each direction)
• Raised medians (west of Arbutus)
• Two-way painted left-turn lanes (east of Arbutus)
• 6-foot wide concrete sidewalks (attached and detached)
• 4-foot wide on-street bike lanes
• Enhanced pedestrian/bicycle crossings at:
     Regional Trail Crossing at Eldridge
     Youngfield Street bus stop
     Harriman Ditch Trail Crossing
• New storm sewer system to reduce flood potential
• Water quality treatment of initial storm waters
• Changing Quincy/Simms roundabout to a single-lane roundabout
• Changing Simms/Nassau roundabout to a single-lane roundabout
• New retaining walls
• Irrigated (low water usage) landscaping improvements

Project Update:
The County selected Merrick & Company to conduct the preliminary and final engineering designs for the project. .  The 2.1 mile long project was initially planned to be constructed in one construction season, but after realizing the many challenges that are inherit with such a large roadway construction project; the County decided that it would have less of an impact to the adjacent neighborhood if the project was divided into three construction phases.

The three Roadway Construction Phases are:
Phase 1 – South Swadley Court to South Simms Street (including reconstruction the Quincy/Simms roundabout)
Phase 2 – South Beech Way to South Swadley Court
Phase 3 – West Tufts Avenue to South Beech Way

The two Landscape Construction Phases are:
Phase 1 – South Arbutus Way to South Simms Street
Phase 2 – West Tufts Avenue to South Arbutus Way

Project Schedule:
Preliminary and Final Engineering (Roadway) Designs - 2017 and 2018
Preliminary and Final (Landscaping) Designs – 2018 and 2019
Right-of-Way and Easement Acquisitions – 2018 and 2021
Phase 1 Roadway Construction (Swadley to Simms) – 2019
Phase 2 Roadway Construction (Beech to Swadley) – 2022
Phase 1 Landscaping Construction (Arbutus to Simms) – 2023
Phase 3 Roadway Construction (Tufts to Beech) – 2023
Phase 2 Landscaping Construction (Tufts to Arbutus) - 2024

Reference Documents
Public Meeting - Aerial Board No. 1 (PDF)
Public Meeting - Aerial Board No. 2 (PDF)
Public Meeting - Aerial Board No. 3 (PDF)
Public Meeting - Proposed Roundabout Changes (Quincy to Nassau) (PDF)
Public Meeting - Quick Facts (PDF)
Quincy (Tufts to Simms) - Preliminary Design Plans (PDF)