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Feb 07

South Pierce Street Roadway Improvements, Littleton, CO 80123

Posted on February 7, 2023 at 4:28 PM by Lindsay Townsend

Project Background:

Jefferson County had an engineering consultant conduct a traffic study along South Pierce Street from West Bowles Avenue to West Coal Mine Avenue in August 2022. The traffic study collected data on existing traffic volumes, level of service provided by the roadway, and recommendations to improve the corridor along South Pierce Street. The county seeks to implement recommendations received from the traffic study. The recommendations included modifications to the existing span wire traffic signal intersections, improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle routes, and modifying access points to the high school.

Link to South Pierce Street project limits map.Project Scope:

The project limits are from West Bowles Avenue to West Coal Mine Avenue along South Pierce Street, with improvements to the following intersections:

  • West Bowles Avenue
  • West Fair Drive
  • West Weaver Avenue / West Walker Avenue
  • West Coal Mine Avenue

The project is not a full roadway reconstruction project, but a roadway improvement project with modifications to the existing corridor. These modifications include:

  • installation of raised medians
  • sidewalk
  • replacement of curb ramps
  • restriping and signing of the roadway
  • installation of storm sewer inlets on the east side of South Pierce Street

Project Schedule:

The project will be within the preliminary design phase during the spring of 2023. The county will conduct public meetings to provide information and gather feedback in the Summer of 2023. The final design and bidding of the project for construction will occur in the fall of 2023. Construction of the project is anticipated for late fall of 2023.

Project Impacts on Traffic:

The impacts to traffic will be fully known as design progresses. At a minimum, the county will require the contractor to keep a single lane of travel in both directions during construction and will work to minimize construction impacts during school traffic hours.