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Apr 14

Kerr Attends Bill Signing

Posted on April 14, 2022 at 8:13 AM by Deborah Churchill

BCC-Kerr-HeadshotCommissioner Kerr attended the bill signing of HB22-1028, Colorado Safety Stop on Wednesday, April 13. Bicyclists now have a safe and legal option for navigating through intersections now that Governor Polis has signed the bill into law.

The new law, which allows bicyclists and users of “low speed conveyances” to treat stop signs as yield signs and stop lights as stop signs when they already have the right of way, goes into effect immediately statewide. Colorado, which previously allowed local communities to adopt this ordinance on an opt-in basis, now joins eight other states in adopting similar transportation policy statewide. 

For more information on the Colorado Safety Stop and additional rules of the road for bicyclists and drivers, visit