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Oct 11

[ARCHIVED] S. Kipling Parkway Sidewalk and Intersection Improvements (Geddes to Coal Mine), Littleton, CO 80123

The original item was published from November 2, 2021 9:50 AM to November 1, 2022 11:38 AM

Project Overview:

The South Kipling Parkway Sidewalk and Intersection Improvements project consists of constructing a missing section of eight-foot-wide sidewalk from West Geddes Avenue to West Coal Mine Avenue along the east side of South Kipling Parkway. A connection to Dutch Creek Regional Trail will be installed near the intersection of South Kipling Parkway and West Meadows Drive. Pedestrian crossing improvements and traffic signal upgrades will take place at West Roxbury Avenue, West Meadows Drive, and West Fair Avenue. These improvements include new traffic signals, pedestrian crossings at the south of each intersection, and upgraded pedestrian curb ramps. The figure below shows the proposed layout of the sidewalk and intersection improvements.Link to S. Kipling Parkway (Geddes Avenue to Coal Mine Avenue) Project Limits Map.

See Project Exhibit for intersection improvements at South Kipling Parkway and West Fair Avenue. (PDF)

Prairie Dogs:

Jefferson County hired a consultant to study the impacts any construction might have to the prairie dog colony located within the project area. The study concluded that there would be less than 1% of permanent habitat impacts from the construction and was deemed insignificant.

Under the recommendation of the consultant and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Jefferson County elected to not permanently relocate the prairie dogs. Jefferson County was advised to encourage the prairie dogs to move on their own instead of live trapping. This will be done by installing temporary fencing (silt fence) with intentional gaps. Prairie dog holes within the construction area will be filled every day. This will encourage prairie dogs to move out of the construction zone and towards the main colony. After all prairie dogs have moved, the fence will be closed off and construction will be allowed to start in that specific area. 

Project Schedule:

The project will consist of two phases. The first phase will include the traffic signal upgrades. This portion of the project was awarded to the low bidder, Goodland Construction. Construction is anticipated to occur from summer to fall of 2022.

Goodland Construction installed the new traffic signals. Concrete improvements at the intersections will occur the week of October 10. Final traffic signal upgrades will be completed in October 2022.

Jefferson County Road and Bridge will begin the earthwork for the new sidewalk alignment in summer of 2023 with the sidewalk installation being completed in fall of 2023.