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Apr 07

Mystery Shopper Scam

Posted on April 7, 2021 at 10:24 AM by Renie Dugwyler

Mystery Shopper Scam
In this scam, the victim is invited to become a mystery shopper. Some victims are contacted via e-mail or receive a letter via regular mail, while others find advertisements on various Internet websites for jobs as a mystery shopper. The scam tricks the victim into depositing a forged or counterfeit check for a large sum into their own personal account.

The victim is then instructed to go to a designated business, often a business with Western Union or Money Gram services, wire a large percentage of the funds to an individual outside the United States, and keep a small percentage as their pay. In most cases, the victim does not learn the check was counterfeit until the money has already been wired out of the country, and therefore, the victim is responsible for the financial loss.

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