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Aug 16

Tips for Using Herbicides

Posted on August 16, 2021 at 7:20 AM by Alicia Doran


If you decide to use an herbicide to control your weeds there are a few details to be aware of.  

Thoroughly read the label

The label provides information about use, personal safety, environmental safety, storage, rates and much more.

Make sure your site is listed on the label of the product you will be using

There are many products with the same ingredients but not all can be used in all locations.  Some may be registered for residential use or crop or industrial. Not every product with the same active ingredient can be used at all sites.

Make sure you have properly identified the species of weed you will be treating

Many native plants are similar to our weeds.  You need to be sure you are targeting the right species.   Additionally, some weeds are annuals or biennials, and some are perennials.  It makes a difference when choosing control methods.

Make sure you are applying at the right stage of growth

Treating annuals or biennials after they have flowered does no good and you are wasting your time and money.  Instead, time your treatment so you are targeting the weeds at the rosette and early bud stage.

Apply at the rates listed on the label

Do not use more (or less) than the labeled rates.

Use the personal protective equipment required for your use

Required PPE may be different based on the type of site you are making an application to. Refer to the label for specific PPE requirements.

Follow all label directions

The label is the law!