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Aug 02

[ARCHIVED] Valley Parkway Maintenance and Roadway Improvements, Littleton, CO 80127

The original item was published from June 29, 2021 4:22 PM to August 2, 2023 11:34 AM

Link to see larger image of Valley Parkway map.Project Six-Month Update (August 1, 2023):

Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering collected current traffic data at several locations on Valley Parkway to better understand the effects of the enhancements implemented on the corridor in December 2022 including two raised crosswalks, a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB), and striping changes to incorporate buffered and standard bicycle lanes. The county also reviewed crash history for any incidents that may have occurred since the implementation of these enhancements. 

As detailed in the table below, traffic data collected highlighted no substantive changes to 85th percentile speeds, a common traffic-engineering metric, and all remained within approximately 5 mph of the 35 mph posted speed limit. This implies the corridor continues to operate in line with the design speed of 35 mph and no speeding issues were created by removing the unwarranted stop signs. Outliers do remain, with some vehicles speeding excessively on the corridor at varying times of day, making targeted enforcement infeasible. Table that shows speed data for Valley Parkway.

Average daily traffic (ADT) increased on Valley Parkway from the initial counts in October and December of 2021. Because of this change, the county will collect additional data at the end of 2023 to obtain a more exact comparison as speeds and volumes could change based on time of year. Even with the greater volumes on Valley Parkway, crashes and speeds did not increase to a level of significance. 

Jefferson County reviewed crash data to confirm no crashes have occurred on Valley Parkway since the removal of the unwarranted stop signs and implementation of raised crosswalks in December 2022. No crashes have occurred on the corridor between North Ranch Road and Mountain Pine Court.

Two additional raised crosswalks were presented to the community and Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association (MA) management for installation by the MA. These locations include a new proposed crossing to connect the trails just north of the Bannon Gearhart parking lot and the existing crossing at the southern Buckthorn Drive intersection. If the homeowner’s association (HOA) decides to move forward with installation, raised crosswalks at these two locations could further reduce the speeding by outliers, as these locations would create more consistent – and potentially more effective – traffic calming on the corridor.

Jefferson County will continue to monitor the corridor through 2023.

Independent Study:

Jefferson County procured the services of Benesch, a consulting firm with expertise in traffic engineering and roadway design, to conduct an independent analysis of the improvements completed on Valley Parkway and to provide additional recommendations within the scope of an operations and maintenance roadway project. As highlighted in the Valley Parkway Stop Sign Analysis Study (PDF) findings, the consultant confirmed the enhancements completed by the county were in alignment with industry best practices and that the removal of unwarranted stop signs was justified and appropriate for addressing pedestrian safety and lack of compliance.

Recommendations made by Benesch were to further enhance signage on intersection approaches and better maintain tree limbs causing potential sight obstructions. Signage recommendations were currently underway at the time of the study and have since been implemented. The MA is responsible for maintaining and trimming any vegetation that could cause potential sight obstructions.

For Questions:

Please direct questions to the county Transportation Planner, Christina Lane.

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