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May 15

Help Protect Loved Ones from Scams - May 2023

Posted to Behind the Badge Newsletter by Renie Dugwyler

In the last 60 days, we have taken 24 reports of elder fraud, involving victims age 70 or older. This is a 41% increase from the previous 60 days. Our victims are not numbers, however; they’re real people. People like Susan, who was victimized on April 21st, and whose name we have changed to tell her story.

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Jun 14

Commissioners Visit Foothills Animal Shelter

Posted to Board of County Commissioner Blog by Deborah Churchill

Jefferson County Commissioners Lesley Dahlkemper, Tracy Kraft-Tharp, and Andy Kerr pose for a photo.Along with County Manager Kerby and CFO, Stephanie Corbo, the Board of County Commissioners toured the Foothills Animal Shelter on June 12.

The shelter serves Jefferson County and is driven to make lives better for animals and people in our county. Though education, services that strengthen and the human-pet bond and humane care for the animals they are continually evolving to look and work towards the future and ensure the needs are thoughtfully addressed.

To learn more how you can adopt, volunteer, and get involved at the shelter, visit their website at  

Apr 11

Update - April 2, 2019

Posted to Heritage Square Exchange Blog by Jessi Burns

Enhanced Reclamation of Mined Area 
The 2002 land exchange with LaFarge of North America required land reclamation of mined areas above state requirements. JCOS is researching current land reclamation standards and best practices to seek a similar arrangement for the Heritage Square Exchange (HSE). 

Wildlife Concerns
Several concerns have been raised regarding impacts on wildlife if the HSE is approved and property now owned by JCOS is transferred to MMM and mined. We share these concerns and will continue to evaluate these impacts across the landscape. A related consideration is I-70 which creates a barrier for wildlife movement and motorist- wildlife safety concerns.  JCOS is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) to study and address wildlife and public safety along the I-70 corridor. 

Visual Analysis
JCOS continues to work on an analysis of the visual impacts of mining on the 64 acres that would be conveyed to MMM if the HSE is approved. As soon as this analysis is available it will be provided on this website.