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Please check our FAQs before booking an appointment.

The Assessor’s Office is now requiring appointments for in-person services Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you require in-person services, please book an appointment before coming to the office using the button below.

Assessor’s Office Notices

  • For information on property taxes and property values during COVID-19, please view this note from the assessor regarding property taxes and values (PDF).
  • We are currently processing deeds recorded in June 2020. If you have questions about a tax notice for a property you bought or sold in 2019, please see the "Important Alerts for Tax Notices" section below.
  • The last day for a late submission of a Business Personal Property Declaration Schedule is September 1, 2020. (No Late Penalty for 2020)
  • To send us an email, please use our contact form.
  • For in-person services, please book an appointment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Important Alerts for Tax Notices: 

  • We are currently processing documents that were recorded with the Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder in June 2020. Ownership changes that have occurred since then may not be reflected on Property Record Search results. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  • The notice above will be updated to reflect our progress.
  • If you receive a tax notice for a property you sold in 2019, please disregard it. Once the ownership records are updated, the new owner will be notified of the taxes due.
  • If you did not receive a tax notice for property you owned before 2019, you may find the tax notice using the Treasurer’s Property Records Search Application. Please search by address or PIN/Schedule#, if known.

The Jefferson County Assessor’s Office provides quality customer service by being courteous, respectful and informative while identifying, describing and valuing all property within Jefferson County in a fair, ethical, accurate and professional manner.

Click the button below to search Property Records.

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The Assessor is available anytime to present the Re-Appraisal Valuation and Assessment Process. Please contact the Assessor’s Office to schedule.