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November 30, 2021 5:00 PM

CLOSED: Centennial Cone Park is closed for hunting 12/1-1/31

The late-season hunting access at Centennial Cone Park will begin December 1, closing the park to all other uses through the end of January. Mayhem Gulch parking lot along US Hwy 6 will remain open. The majority of the park will reopen to multi-use recreation on February 1.

Jeffco Open Space hunting access permits are limited to 55 elk and 35 deer license-holders this year and are granted through a lottery. This year, Jeffco Open Space received 251 applications for deer permits and 109 applications for elk permits. Permit applicants must have a valid late-season license for antlerless elk, female or either-sex deer from Colorado Parks and Wildlife for the Jefferson County portion of Game Management Unit 38. Successful applicants are provided an online Jeffco Open Space hunting orientation presentation prior to gaining access to Centennial Cone Park. The purpose of allowing hunting is to control elk and deer populations that are not being held in check by natural predators.

Permitted hunter lottery winners are expected to follow all Jeffco Open Space Regulations.

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