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Plant & Animal Survivors

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It’s not easy making a living in the wild. Through outdoor explorations, discover how populations of plants and animals meet their basic needs in a ponderosa pine forest. Search for bugs or birds, play a plant game, and investigate the habitat needs of several animals to discover how forest dwellers use their unique adaptations to survive and thrive.

During this program, participants will discover plants or animals that live in the ponderosa pine forest. They will investigate the four habitat components that all plants and animals need to survive, and gain an understanding of what adaptations help individual plants and animals meet their needs and what happens if a plant or animal cannot. They will also learn stewardship by discovering at least one thing they can do to help protect wildlife habitat.

Program Logistics:

Grade level:  2nd grade

(also good for 1st or 3rd grade)

Time: 10:15 am - 12:15 pm 

Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Location: Lookout Mountain Nature Center & Preserve

Group Size: min.10 - max.120 participants

(groups with 35 or more participants will be split into two, three, or four smaller groups depending on total number of kids & adults.)

This program consists of three - four stations set up along our Forest Loop trail (.5 miles). Groups will rotate through each station.

Available: September - November

Bus Reimbursement:
Schools with 30% or more students on the Free & Reduced lunch program qualify to have their transportation costs reimbursed by the Jeffco Outdoors Foundation. Please let us know on your registration form if your school qualifies, we will send you additional information.

If you need to cancel your program for a reason other than harsh weather or an emergency, please give us as much advanced notice as possible. We ask that you inform us at least 48 hours prior to your program. This allows us the ability to notify any staff or volunteers involved. More advanced notice will allow us to invite a school from our wait list. 

Note on session dates:
We have a limited number of dates available for this program. Once all sessions are full, registration will close. We can only allow one school per date.
Due to our website, a session date may show as available even after a school has registered. Check the number under the 'Participants' column, if it shows zero then the date is still available. We will do our best to remove full session dates promptly.

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