About 70 percent of graffiti in Jefferson County is tagging that is not gang related. The Sheriff's Office views graffiti as a crime, as well as a quality-of-life issue for residents. In addition to making arrests for criminal mischief when possible, the Sheriff's Office documents graffiti in an attempt to identify taggers.


Report new graffiti to the Sheriff's Office as soon as you see it by calling our non-emergency number: 303-277-0211. The Sheriff's Office will send a crime scene technician to photograph the graffiti so that we can try to identify the tagger, as well as analyzing it to determine if it's an indication of gang activity.

Property Owners & Graffiti

A property owner is responsible for graffiti on his or her own property. If your property or business is affected by tagging, your best course is to paint over the markings as soon as possible (after contacting the Sheriff's Office to document the incident), to discourage tag wars on your property and the surrounding area.

Graffiti Removal Contacts in Jefferson County

  • Along state and interstate highways (C-470, I-70, U.S. Highway 285) Colorado Department of Transportation at 303-757-9514.
  • Along county highways and roadways, call Jefferson County Road and Bridge 303-271-5200.
  • Denver Mountain Parks: 303-697-4545
  • Foothills Park and Recreation facilities: 303-409-2300
  • RTD bus shelters or park-n-ride facilities: 303-299-6000
  • Telephone, utility and cable television equipment, call the company that owns the box (the telephone number is usually located on a sticker on the outside of the equipment). For FSH pay phones, call 800-477-7211, option 2
  • For trash dumpsters, call the company that owns the dumpster (the telephone number is usually located near the company logo).
  • On billboards and bus benches, contact the advertising company that owns the property (the telephone number is usually located on the base of the billboard or bus bench.

Further Assistance

If you do not know who the owner is or need further assistance, contact the Sheriff's Office at 303-277-0211.