Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can be any type of crime perpetrated against older adults, who are considered “at-risk” adults. This can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, neglect and sexual abuse. Colorado defines an “at-risk” adult as a person age 70 or older.


If abuse or exploitation of an at-risk elder is observed, or if there is reasonable cause to believe that an at-risk elder has been abused or exploited or is in imminent risk of abuse or exploitation, the information shall be reported to a law enforcement agency within 24 hours after the observation or discovery. For reporting in unincorporated Jefferson County call 303-277-0211. View the Mandatory Reporting Fact Sheet (PDF).

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

  • Physical Abuse: bruises, scratches, burns, broken bones or other injuries which are not explained
  • Neglect: changes in personal grooming, weight loss, unkempt appearance, unsanitary living conditions, dirty and un-bathed
  • Financial Exploitation: depletion or large withdrawals from bank accounts, changes in designation of beneficiaries to wills or other financial documents, actions exceeding the scope of a power of attorney, new friends or relatives appearing in the elder’s life, unnecessary purchases or expenditures
  • Sexual Abuse: bruising around genitalia, venereal disease or unexplained infections, torn, stained or bloody clothing
  • Emotional Abuse: overbearing or threatening caregiver, changes in mood or behavior