Licensing an Out-of-State Vehicle


To register an out-of-state vehicle, bring the following to a Motor Vehicle Office:

  • Out-of-state title* or current out-of-state registration.
  • If your out-of-state registration is more than six months expired and your lienholder has your title, a photocopy (or fax copy) of title showing an existing lien will be accepted.
  • Form DR 2698 - Verification of Vehicle ID number (VIN) section only.  
  • The verification can be completed by a Colorado law enforcement officer, at a Colorado licensed emission testing station or Colorado licensed automobile dealer. Per county rules, VIN verifications won't be done at any Jefferson County Motor Vehicle Offices.
  • Colorado emission test. See Emissions to determine whether a test is required for your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is a truck with a curb weight (empty weight) of 4,500 lbs or more, you will need to get a certified weight slip if the weight does not show on the title or registration.

Important Note

Proof of Insurance is required for registration - trailers exempt.

*If you are from a state that does not title, or if your title document is from another country, please call Jefferson County Motor Vehicle at 303-271-8100 Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to speak with a representative.