The Sheriff’s Office has designed the Cheezo Presentations to benefit all ages of Jefferson County residents.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade

This program, Stranger Danger – Internet Strangers, is specifically designed for elementary school age children. The mascot Cheezo accompanies investigators to spread the educational message. This successful presentation leaves a lasting impression on the children. Parents are invited to attend to continue the dialogue in their own homes.

4th & 5th grades

The 4th-5th grade presentation focuses on social networking sites and cell phone safety. The principle rule – that if you do not know someone face-to-face you should not share personal information online with them- is explained in detail and shared through real-life case stories.

6th grade through High School

Our middle school and high school presentation focuses on social networking and cell phone safety, but is geared more appropriately to the age level and explains the dangers and consequences of sexting. Cheezo has investigated cases of sexting in youth as young as 5th graders, and recognizes the importance to educate early.


The adult presentation covers social networking and cell phone safety, and the dangers and consequences of sexting. The presentation also provides parents with helpful tips to keep their children safe online and on cell phones.

Schedule a Presentation

If you have any concerns or questions about your child being approached online, or to book a presentation, please email us or call us at 720-497-7278. Please leave your name, the law enforcement jurisdiction you reside in and a phone number where you can be reached.