Internet & Phone Safety

Attractive new mobile apps and social networking sites are part of today’s technology, but some apps pose significant risks to children. Unsuspecting teens can be exposed to malicious, anonymous postings including cyber bullying, sextortion, or pornography.

Cheezo suggests parents take time to regularly review their child’s electronic devices and familiarize themselves with apps being used. Apps requiring a password are a red flag that may require further action.

Below are some of the latest Internet or phone trends and apps that Cheezo has encountered in Jefferson County:

  1. KeepSafe
  2. Enabling Texting on Old Devices
  3. Geotagging
  5. Location Services
  6. Video Games
  7. IRL App

This free app is a storage center for photos that users want to hide. KeepSafe requires a password. One of the most important things Cheezo tells kids is “If you have to hide it, don’t take it.” While children desire the freedom to make their own online decisions, parents recognize this can put them in danger.