Gasoline-Powered Vehicles

Exemption & Groupings

These vehicles receive a *seven year exemption (from model year) and are categorized in two groups (1982 and newer / 1981 and older) for emission-testing purposes.

* Exemption period will transfer to a new owner only until the sixth year (from model year).

1982 & Newer

Vehicles in this category require enhanced emissions testing every two years at Air Care Colorado stations once the exemption period expires.

For locations and hours, please call 303-456-7090 or visit Air Care.

1981 & Older

These vehicles require testing every year at either an Air Care Colorado or independent testing station.

For locations, call 303-456-7090 or visit Air Care Colorado.

Newly purchased vehicles require a new emission test unless more than 12 months remains on the vehicle’s seven year exemption period.