Professional Visits

Effective June 1, 2020, the Detention Services Division Public Lobby will be open to public access with specific limitations.

  • All people entering the building must wear a face-covering and social distance and follow Public Health instructions on handwashing/sanitizer use
  • The lobby will be open between the hours of 0800-1800
  • Professional and personal visits will also be permitted with specific limitations
  • The lobby will be equipped with employee protection screens at the work station as well as hand sanitizer, masks, and signage for social distancing and hygiene protocols

Click here for a complete listing of protocols that will be implemented upon opening the lobby to the public.


Attorneys, probation and parole officers, and law enforcement officials are considered professional visitors.

  • Clergy and bondsmen will be permitted non-contact visits only
  • Attorney investigators may have a contact visit with an inmate only after authorization by the administrative sergeant, otherwise they will be permitted non-contact visits only. As an active attorney, you may show up during normal business  hours and you will be allowed professional visits with your clients. You will need to display your Bar Card and valid I.D.
  • If you're an attorney and you want to authorize an investigator or someone else to see your client, you will need to email Sergeant R. Williams 
  • Professional visits are allowed contact visits during reasonable business hours after presenting proper credentials and identification