Secure & Verifiable Identification


Acceptable types of secure and verifiable photo identification:

  • Any Colorado Driver’s License, Colorado Driver’s Permit or Colorado Identification Card, expired less than one year. (Temporary paper license with previous Colorado license is acceptable.)
  • Certificate of (U.S) Citizenship with intact photo
  • Certificate of Naturalization with intact photo
  • No border crosser or USA B1/B2 Visa/BCC cards.
  • Not accepted: B1, B2, WT, WB, CP or NC status. H1, H2, J1, J2, F1, F2, etc. requires verification of Colorado employment or education.
  • Out-of-state-issued photo driver’s license or photo identification card, photo driver’s permit expired less than one year.
  • Tribal Identification Card
  • U.S Passport expired less than 10 years.
  • Valid 1551 Resident Alien or Permanent Resident Card.
  • Valid 1688 Temporary Resident Card, 1688B and 1766 Employment Authorization Card.
  • Valid foreign passport with I-94 or valid processed for 1551 stamps;
  • Valid U.S Military Identification (active duty, dependent, retired, reserve and National Guard).