Tabor Notice

These notices contain summary statements for ballot propositions as required by the State of Colorado Constitution, Article X, Section 20.

These notices contain ballot issues appearing on your 2018 General Election Ballot. The content of these notices are mandated by Article X, Section 20 (The TABOR Amendment) of the Colorado Constitution.


The information contained in these notices was prepared by persons required by law to provide summaries of ballot issues and fiscal information. The title and text of each ballot issue is printed in full and may be accompanied by two summaries of up to 500 words each for and against the measure. 

The Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office does not warrant, verify or confirm the accuracy or truth of the ballot titles, questions, text and summaries of comments as presented or is it responsible for errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation of the materials presented. 

Additional Information

If you have further questions regarding information contained in these notices, please contact the respective Designated Election Official indicated in the “Local Election Office address and phone number” section of the notice.

A "Yes" vote on any ballot issue is a vote in favor of changing current law or existing circumstances and a "No" vote on any ballot issue is a vote against changing current law or existing circumstances.

Tabor Notices