Senior Tax Exemption Application Process

Notice of the availability of the senior property tax exemption must be mailed no later than May 1 of each year to the owners of all residential real property.

The notice must include the eligibility requirements and instructions for obtaining an exemption application.

The completed application must be returned to the county assessor no later than July 15 of the first property tax year for which the exemption is claimed. An application returned by mail will be deemed filed on the date it is postmarked.

Completed Exemption Applications Are Confidential

  • County assessors and treasurers, the property tax administrator, the state treasurer and the state auditor may release statistical compilations or informational summaries of any information contained in exemption applications, except social security numbers, which cannot be divulged.
  • Copies of exemption applications may be used as evidence in any administrative hearing or legal proceeding in which the accuracy or veracity of the application is an issue so long as the applicants' social security numbers are not divulged.
  • None of the above parties may provide any other person with a listing of individuals who have applied for an exemption or provide any other information that would enable someone to easily assemble a mailing list of individuals who have applied for the exemption.