Determination of Tax Rates

After each taxing entity has set its mill levy, the taxing entity mill levy is combined with the mill levy for all other taxing entities for the property to create the overall mill levy for that property. Where you live within the county determines the taxing entities to which you will pay your taxes.


Mr. Smith's home is provided services by four taxing entities. His total assessed value is determined to be $18,000.

  • County Mill Levy 24.3460
  • School District Mill Levy 49.0530
  • City Mill Levy 4.7110
  • Urban Drainage Flood District Mill Levy .5320
  • Urban Drainage South Platte Mill Levy .0650
  • Fire Protection District Mill Levy 14.4580
  • Total Mill Levy 90.1650

Each mill is 1/1,000 of a dollar, so the mill levy per dollar of assessed value is: 90.1650/1,000 = .090165.

This means Mr. Smith’s tax bill is calculated as follows:

  • Actual Value x Assessment Percentage x Tax Rate = Property Taxes
  • $250,000 x 7.15% x .090165 = $1,611.69