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News and Updates:

Lowered Credit Card Payment Fees

The Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office uses a third-party vendor to collect property taxes online. The third-party vendor charges a vendor or “convenience” fee for their services. The fee goes directly to the vendor, not the Jefferson County government. The Treasurer has been able to negotiate a lower fee for credit card payments online. The credit card fee has been 2.5% of the property tax due, and now is 2.35% of property tax due.

3rd Party Online Payment Fees:

Credit Card – 2.35% of property tax due (was 2.5%)
Debit Card – $3.95 per property tax payment
E-Checks – No Charge

For more information about third party vendor fees please contact the Treasurer's Office.

Treasurer’s Payment Options Page provides all the available ways to pay property taxes.

TABOR Refund Checks

For more information about this refund, please visit 2022 TABOR Refunds page on the county's website.  Our office will cash TABOR refund checks under $100 (with a valid ID).  Additionally, the Treasurer's Office asks that you do not send your checks back, please cash them. The funds cannot be used by the county. 

How to Pay a Tax Lien

If you have an outstanding tax lien, please call or email our office to find out how much you owe.  We will only accept cash or certified funds (e.g. Cashier’s Check or money order) payable to Jefferson County Treasurer for payment of a tax lien, no online payments or personal checks are accepted for tax liens. Payoffs for tax liens must be received in our office by 5PM the last business day of the month and payable to the Jefferson County Treasurer; postmarks are not accepted.  Since the county is closed on Friday's if the last business day of a month falls on a Friday, the due date will be the Thursday before.

The Treasurer is also the Public Trustee

Pursuant to HB 19-1295, commencing July 1, 2020, the county treasurer for each Class 2 county (Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, Mesa, Pueblo and Weld) will serve as the public trustee for the county.  

About the Treasurer’s Office

The Jefferson County Treasurer collects property taxes, invest funds, disburses money to cities and districts and acts as county banker.

The County Treasurer does NOT:

  • Raise or lower taxes 
  • Limit government
  • Protect property rights

Taxes are Impacted by the voters and county commissioners.

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Additional Information

Important Dates

The due dates for 2022 payable 2023 are:

First installment: February 28, 2023
Second Installment: June 15, 2023
OR Full Payment:  May 1, 2023 (since April 30 falls on a Sunday)

Treasurer's Important Due DatesTreasurer Due Dates button

Mailing Address Changes

Mailing address changes for the property tax records need to be with the Assessor’s office and can be changed by visiting the Assessor's Change of Mailing Address Forms page. It is the property owner’s responsibility to update mailing addresses in writing to ensure the receipt of annual property tax and value notifications. 

Treasurer Change Mailing Address button Opens in new window

Delinquent Property Taxes are Sold at the Tax Lien Sale

Every November the Treasurer’s office has an online auction for unpaid property taxes. We do not sell the property.  The taxes are purchased by investors. The investor that holds the lien will be notified every August of any unpaid taxes and can endorse those taxes to the existing lien. Owners have three years from said tax sale to payoff the lien before it becomes eligible for a Treasurer’s Deed.

Please contact our office to request the amount due. We will only accept cash or certified funds (e.g. Cashier’s Check or money order) payable to Jefferson County Treasurer for payment of a tax lien. Payments need to be received in our office by 5 p.m. the last business day of the month, postmarks are not accepted for tax liens. 

Treasurer Tax Lien Sale button