Justice Services


Justice Services is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment only. Please use our contact us form to schedule an appointment 

About Us

Justice Services supports and improves the functions of the justice system by providing innovative, integrative, and cost-effective services and alternative sentencing. 

This work promotes public safety, increases self-sufficiency, and provides the justice system with alternatives to incarceration. The Justice Services Department provides alternatives within the justice system functions that:  

  • Reduce the cost of those functions
  • Improves public safety and the quality of life for our citizens
  • Provides opportunities for individuals entering the justice system to demonstrate potential as contributing members of society


Justice Services is comprised of the following units:

  • Administration functions as the management, strategic planning, policy development, contract agent, and research and evaluation unit for the Justice Services Department.  
  • Community Corrections contracts with and oversees private community corrections providers and screens offenders referred for placement in the programs.  
  • Community Service places and oversees adult and juvenile offenders who are ordered by the Court to provide useful public services as a part of their sentence.  
  • Criminal Justice Planning supports planning, research and evaluation efforts for justice agencies in Jefferson County. 
  • Pretrial Services recommends conditions of bond to the courts and supervises defendants released on bond.