Business Innovation & Technology 

Chief Information Officer / Director

Rebecca Hascall


The mission of Business Innovation & Technology (BIT) is to provide technology-based information systems and communication services to the county and its citizens so they can accomplish their business objectives.


The Jefferson County vision is to provide innovative, efficient, equitable, and quality services to a thriving and safe community. BIT supports this vision through our three strategic themes.


BIT fosters Innovation at Jeffco by embedding innovation into its core processes and by establishing an Innovation Team to lead transformational projects and programs across the county.


BIT collaborates closely with partner organizations within the county to build engagement and alignment. We provide support for technical services and enterprise applications while also continuously investigating opportunities for business process improvements.

Efficient & Secure Service Delivery

BIT automates solutions when possible and develops self-service offerings to empower citizens and employees. We integrate information security into core processes and house the county’s Cyber Security program.