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The Board of County Commissioner meetings are conducted in a hybrid format, including the Board of County Commissioners public hearings and staff briefings. You can find more information on how to join these virtual or hybrid meetings on the Meetings and Agendas page

If you experience issues during any virtual meetings, see our WebEx Events Troubleshooting Tips document. Prior to the meeting, you can also join a test WebEx meeting, to test your computer, speaker and microphone.

Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment 

Both the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment are conducting their hearings virtually. You can find more information on upcoming meetings and how to participate on Planning and Zoning’s Virtual Hearing page.

Meeting Videos

*Please note that some meetings and hearings are temporally not live streaming through this page and the live tool below. They are being conducted through WebEx. More information on how to view these meetings live can be found on the BCC's Meeting Page

You can find Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners’ and Planning Commission hearings on this page. The Board of County Commissioners’ hearings are now streaming live online. To watch the hearing live, simply click on the "In Progress" link within the Upcoming Events section below once the meeting has started.

Jeffco now uses high definition (HD) technology for the live stream of our meetings. While most viewers will find this a much better viewing experience, it is possible that users with a slower internet connection may see some video staggering or pixelation. This may also occur if viewing on a mobile device with limited bandwidth. Please know your data usage/plan when accessing HD video. View mobile friendly page!

Please see below to view archived recordings or board meetings. 

Viewing the Videos

When you’d like to watch a Jefferson County meeting live, you only need to come to this web page at the time of the meeting to view it. Simply click the "View Event" link, once the meeting has started, in the Events column below in the Upcoming Events section. If you have any questions, see these step-by-step directions for watching live-stream meetings.

If you missed a meeting, you can watch the video, find the hearing agendas, minutes, resolutions and other supplementary documents organized by hearing date. County Commissioner minutes and resolutions, by date and numerical order, can be found within the Clerk to the Board page.

Browser Information

Google Chrome recently implemented a new feature that blocks content with audio that plays automatically. Please see this step-by-step guide on how to disable the autoplay blocker in chrome so you can view these live-stream events in Chrome.