Safety in Faith

Volunteers help with registration for SIF 2022
Shrader Welcomes SIF 2022
Reverend Markel Hutchins opens the Safety In Faith 2022
Dr Nicoletti provides situational de-escalation tools
Jory Maes speaks about the Power of Hello - SIF 2022
Sadie Martinez speaks about Access and Functional Needs at SIF 2022
Arvada Fire speaks on Stop the Bleed at SIF 2022
Stop the Bleed Workshop
Jason Martin discusses substance abuse trends in Colorado

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August 2022 Safety In Faith Summit

On August 18, 2022, over 250 faith leaders, administrators, volunteers, and security staff attended the 7th Annual Safety In Faith Summit at Storyline Church in Arvada.

Featured Presenters included:

  • Reverend Markel Hutchins - Lead Organizer, National Faith & Blue Weekend -  Keynote
  • Jory Maes - DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency - The Power of Hello
  • Dr. John Nicoletti - Nicoletti-Flater Associates - Situational De-Escalation
  • Sadie Martinez - DHSEM - Access and Functional Needs 
  • Arthur Bruck - Arvada Fire - Stop the Bleed
  • Jason Martin, R.N., UCHealth - Substance Abuse Trends

Hands-On Breakout Session:

  • Stop the Bleed Workshop hosted by Arvada Fire

Partners: Arvada Fire; Arvada Police; Evergreen Fire/Rescue; First Judicial District Attorney's Office; Golden Police; Lakewood Police; Porchlight Family Justice Center; Red Cross, West Metro Fire/Rescue; Westminster Police; Wheat Ridge Police

History of Safety In Faith

Following the tragic church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, Sheriff Shrader realized the JCSO’s relationship with the faith community in unincorporated Jefferson County was not comparable to that of homeowners associations, schools, and businesses. Therefore, to improve the public safety partnership with local houses of worship – regardless of denomination – the “Safety in Faith” program was launched with a one-day training summit in August of 2015. Almost 300 faith leaders, administrators, and security team members attended the inaugural summit to hear how the faith community can address its unique safety challenges posed by the juxtaposition of welcoming anyone while keeping their place of worship safe for everyone.

Current Program

Since then, the summit is hosted annually by the JCSO, with support from the District Attorney's Office and partner public safety agencies including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge Police Departments; and Arvada, Evergreen, and West Metro Fire and Rescue. Many partner agencies offer safety and crime prevention tips at information tables during the summit, which have all been well attended and well-received.

Safety in Faith Coalition

While the annual summit offers houses of worship a venue for general safety and security presentations, the Safety in Faith Coalition serves as a more immediate source of information for faith leaders by keeping them informed via email of suspicious activities and incidents that occur at houses of worship in Jefferson County and the Denver Metro area. By raising awareness of local incidents at the time of occurrence, our hope is to prevent the same or a similar incident at another religious institution. Additionally, the virtual coalition affords us the opportunity to strengthen our public safety partnership with the faith community continually rather than periodically.  

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Does it cost to attend a Safety In Faith event?

This a NO COST safety and security training for houses of worship.

Do I have to belong to a faith-based organization to attend?

No. This is a public event and open to anyone interested in learning how to provide safety and security in a building-gathering setting.

What COVID precautions are you taking?

We will be following public health guidelines for indoor events. Currently, there are no restrictions in place.

Will you be requiring proof of COVID vaccination? No

Will you be requiring proof of a recent negative COVID test? No