Animal Control

Jefferson County Animal Control has jurisdiction over animal control issues in unincorporated Jefferson County. If you live in a city, please contact your city’s animal control agency. 


 Animal control officers investigate animal abuse and provide services, including Leash Law (PDF) enforcement, barking dogs (PDF), regulating vicious/dangerous dogs, rabies control, bite quarantines, and courtesy dead-animal removal. Please download our JCSO Animal Control Brochure PDF for additional details.

Responsible Pet Ownership

The Jefferson County Animal Control unit urges you to be responsible pet owners regarding your pets' health, welfare, and safety. Please review the following brochures to learn more about the policies and solutions to keeping your pets safe.

County Ordinances

Look at the Jefferson County Animal Control Regulations for the policy and ordinances.


 Copies of reports are available for a fee of $5 for up to five pages. Additional pages cost 0.50 cents a piece.

Please use this webpage to start a record request signing. [This link will take you to Zoho Sign]

Image of the sign in page  for an animal control record request powered by Zoho Sign

Contact Animal Control

 Call us at 303-271-5070.