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  1. County Commissioners receive a check from the Metro Football Stadium District

    Jefferson County receives $1.1 million from Metropolitan Football Stadium District

    Representatives from the Metropolitan Football Stadium District (MFSD) presented a check for $1.1 million to the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners. Read on...
  2. Lesley Dalhkember headshot with news image text

    Working to Reduce Wildfire Risk

    Take a drive in Evergreen, Conifer or Pine and you’ll easily see how the majestic views, mountain lifestyle and nearby trails continue to attract many to our area. Driving along these narrow back roads also make the area’s fire risk quickly evident. Read on...
  3. Andy Kerr headshot with news image text

    Helping Kids Succeed on their “Paths”

    If the summer-ending-and-school-starting ritual makes you anxious, you aren’t alone. Read on...
  4. Dahlekmper Opioid Panel

    Dahlkemper Participates in NACo Opioid Panel

    Dahlkemper speaks to local officials from across the nation at the NACo’s annual conference, April 21-24, 2022. Read on...
  5. SCFD 8 catagories - news

    Commissioners Announce Scientific & Cultural Facilities District 2022 Tier III Grant Awardees

    Cultural Council presents the SCFD 2022 Jefferson County Tier III grant funding plan to the Board of County Commissioners. Read on...
  6. image for news items red

    Jefferson County Working to Reduce Wildfire Risk

    Commissioners taking a collaborative, comprehensive approach to reducing wildfire risk. Read on...
  7. Tracy Kraft-Tharp headshot with news image text

    18 Months in Office: What I’ve Learned

    Commissioner Kraft-Tharp: As a commissioner, I work to listen to as many people as possible and go to where they are. Here's a bit about what I've learned so far... Read on...
  8. Opioid Council Conference

    GROC Conference Starts Discussions on How Best to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

    The Gateway to the Rockies Opioid Council (GROC) hosted a conference on June 23, 2022, to start discussions with stakeholders and the community about what historic settlement dollars from major drug manufacturers and distributors mean for our region. Read on...
  9. Lesley Dalhkember headshot with news image text

    Moving Forward Together: The Opioid Crisis

    Many of us have been touched in one way or another by the devastating impact of the opioid epidemic. The numbers are daunting. Read on...
  10. Andy Kerr headshot with news image text

    Sustainability: Working Together for the Future

    Jefferson County has made a commitment to its constituents to make decisions that protect the economic, social, and environmental health of the community. Read on...
  11. Tracy Kraft-Tharp headshot with news image text

    County vs. Household Budgets: The Same Right?

    As commissioners we receive, and encourage, citizens to contact us with their concerns and questions regarding the county. Read on...
  12. Community members listening to a presentation at a forum

    Community Budget Forums – Jefferson County Needs Your Input

    Which county services matter the most to you? Participate in a Community Budget Forum and let us know what your needs and priorities are. Forums will be held in April and May. Read on...
  13. image for news items navy

    What Jefferson County Funding Challenges Mean to You

    Jefferson County has a reputation as a wonderful place to live, visit, and conduct business. However, the quality services the county provides to residents and local businesses come at a cost. Read on...
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