Inmate Property

Inmate Property

When inmates are booked into the Detention Services Division facility clothing and other personal items are inventoried and placed in storage. Property that does not fit within the allotted property bag cannot be stored. Inmates are required to either have someone retrieve the excess property, have it mailed at their expense, or have it disposed of.


One pair or reading glasses, one pair of eyeglasses or contacts, and unopened medications or prosthesis may be accepted through the lobby during normal business hours.


Medications may be received through the lobby. A nurse will review the medication for acceptance.

Upon release, a prescription for three days worth of essential medications can be requested. A request, known as an administrative kite, must be received five days prior to the release date in order to accommodate the request.

Property Release

Inmates must complete a 'property release form' to designate who is allowed to retrieve property.

Property will be released through the detention facility visitor lobby.

Clothing will not be released as the inmate will be in need of it upon their release.

Exceptions: Department of Corrections' inmates must arrange for all property to be mailed or released prior to their transfer, or else it will be destroyed. The United States Marshal and Immigration Officers will not transport any property except trust fund money, medications and legal materials.

Property Exchange

Inmates are allowed only one set of street clothing in their property storage at any time.

If new clothing is to be accepted for a court appearance, the clothing currently being stored must be released in exchange for the new items

Inmates are allowed to wear street clothing to court for trials and sentencing.

Street clothing will not be exchanged or accepted into the facility for any reason other than court appearances or where clothes have been seized as evidence.

Department of Corrections' inmates may not accept additional property.