Inmate Lookup Tool

Welcome to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office inmate lookup tool. You may search for an in-custody inmate by name, or retrieve a list of inmates booked in on a given day. The displayed results will include their charges, bond information, and upcoming court dates.

Access the inmate lookup tool.

About the Lookup Tool

  • The inmate lookup tool only displays those inmates that are currently in custody; former inmate information is not provided with the tool but may be obtained through our Records Unit.
  • Inmates under the age of 18 are not searchable with the inmate lookup tool
  • Information on the inmate lookup tool is updated every 15 minutes, and subject to change and verification
  • The inmate lookup tool information is also provided by telephone on the inmate information hotline at 303-271-5444. You may retrieve inmate information by name, date of birth, or inmate identification.