2022 Real Property Appeals May 1 - June 1

If you do not agree with the Assessor's valuation of your real property in Jefferson County, visit our Appeal Time page to learn how to appeal.  

Important Alerts for Tax Notices: 

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The Assessor is available anytime to present the Re-Appraisal Valuation and Assessment Process. Please contact the Assessor’s Office to schedule.

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Assessor’s Office Notices 

  • We are currently processing deeds recorded in November 2021.
  • 2021 Payable 2022 Tax Notices

    Property tax statements and postcards have been mailed.  Visit our Property Tax Records Site for past and present property tax information. If our records indicated that your taxes were to be paid by a mortgage company, then we will mail you a postcard in lieu of a statement.  

    Change in Ownership - If you sold your property in 2021 and receive a tax notice, please disregard it. Taxes follow the property so once our records are updated we will notify the new owner.  If you are the new owner and the records have not been transferred into your name, you can still pay the taxes. 

  • For information on property taxes and property values during COVID-19, please view this note from the assessor regarding property taxes and values (PDF).
  • To send us an email, please use our contact form.
  • If you would like to schedule a time to meet with us, please book an appointment.

What is an Assessor? 

The Jefferson County Assessor’s Office provides quality customer service by being courteous, respectful and informative while identifying, describing and valuing all property within Jefferson County in a fair, ethical, accurate and professional manner.

Watch the videos below (English or Spanish) and learn more about who an assessor is and how your property taxes are calculated. 

Please check our FAQs before booking an appointment.

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  3. Tue Jun. 14 - Fri Jul. 1

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