Call Inmates

Begin Receiving Inmate Calls today with Securus Phone Services

Inmates are not able to receive incoming calls. Inmates may place collect calls from the jail to private numbers after an account is made with Securus Family and Friends 800-844-6591.

Phone Use

During the booking and classification process staff may allow inmates to place non-toll calls to procure bond or for verified family emergencies. After this initial call, staff will not provide telephone assistance except in emergency situations. All other calls to contact family, friends, employers, attorneys, etc., will be made on the collect call telephones.

Telephone calls to the public defender and other inmate assistance programs are, in general, not subject to a charge.

All calls, with the exception of attorney / client privileged conversation, may be monitored and / or recorded for the safety of staff, inmates, the community and the security of the facility.

Phone Rules

There is a fifteen (15) minute time limit on all calls.

Inmates are not allowed to talk loud, make threats or abuse the phones. Abuse of the call may result in criminal charges, including associated monetary responsibility for repairs or replacement. Inmates may be instructed to end a call for any abuse of the telephones. Failure to end a call when instructed may result in the phone being shut off.

Phone numbers may be blocked if there is any indication of attempted three-way calling, potential fraud, possible non-payment or harassment.

Current guidelines regarding the number of call attempts per seven-day period, accepted calls, denied calls and talk time limits for both local and long distance calls is posted in inmate housing areas. Exceeding any of the limits listed will cause an automatic block.