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PositiionStatementIconsWhereWeStand Opens in new windowDear Jefferson County Community,
The recent event in Minneapolis involving its police department has caused great concern throughout the entire country. Let me assure you that we at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office stand in condemnation of the death of George Floyd...(Read more here)
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This has been a very challenging year that I think is aptly depicted by a truck rollover accident that occurred during the morning rush hour on Thursday, August 27. A semi rolled on the ramp from I-70 West to C470, spilling its contents on the roadway and the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, its contents were manure. Specifically, chicken coop poop.

This year, we have experienced similar unpleasantness in the form of COVID-19, civil unrest, and the most contentious election of my lifetime.  (Read more here)

PoliciesIconsWhereWeStand2 Opens in new windowThe Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to transparency with our community. This includes sharing our policies so residents understand how our employees do the difficult work of keeping the community safe. 

We review and update our policies regularly to ensure that we are in line with the best practices within the industry as well as are consistent with Colorado and federal law.