Work Release

The work/education release program was developed jointly with the courts as an alternative to incarceration. The program allows sentenced individuals who meet specific criteria to serve time while maintaining employment or attending school in the community. 


Program eligibility depends on the recommendation from the inmate's sentencing court, a review of criminal history, and thorough medical and psychological examinations. 


Those placed in the program must pay a per diem rate that is adjusted based on their ability to pay. Work release fees go to the county's general fund.

Alternative Sentencing Program 

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office provides an Alternative Sentencing Program that allows inmates to be temporarily released and unescorted into the community for work and/or educational purposes.

To qualify for ASP, the court must authorize the Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) as a condition of the sentence.

Is there an Application Process for ASP?

No. There is not an application process for The Alternative Sentencing Program.

Where do I turn myself in? 

Turn yourself into the main Detentions Lobby on West side of the building.

Where do I park my car?

Park your vehicle in the Over Flow Parking Lot across from the Detentions Lobby.

What should I bring when I turn myself in?

  1. Your Identification
  2. References: 

    Names and phone numbers of 4-5 personal references (family and friends, not employers, attorneys, doctors, therapists, etc.)

  1. Contact Information for your Employer: Name of company, Name of Supervisor, and a phone number to reach them.

Not mandated, but recommended:

  1. Cell Phone- You may bring your cell phone with you. It is strongly recommended that it be fully charged and powered down when you are taken into custody.
  2. Money- It is recommended (not mandated) that you bring enough money to cover your $30 booking fee and $150 to pay toward your rent when you come to ASP. These monies will be put into your inmate account.  Rent is based on your salary; twice your hourly rate.  This will be explained in detail during orientation.                    

When Should I tell my employer I will be back to work?

Transfers are based on available bed space.  It generally takes 3-5 days to be moved to the ASP unit.  The ASP Sergeant will schedule your move to the ASP Unit.