DA's Office

The First Judicial District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting all state criminal offenses occurring in Jefferson and Gilpin counties. In 2016 this included 4,467 felony cases, 27,403 misdemeanor and traffic cases, and 779 juvenile cases. The District Attorney maintains an office in Golden, Jefferson County, and another much smaller office in Black Hawk, Gilpin County.

Mission Statement

The First Judicial District Attorney’s Office seeks justice through vigorous investigation and prosecution of those who violate the criminal law. The office strives to accomplish this by prioritizing the needs and safety of the community as a whole, while protecting and respecting the rights of individuals, especially crime victims.

First Judicial District

The First Judicial District includes the counties of Jefferson and Gilpin, to the west of the Denver metropolitan area. Jefferson County is one of the most Black and white image of the City of Black Hawk from abovepopulous counties in Colorado with a population of 557,399. Gilpin County lies in the steep mountain area to the west of Jefferson County. In its prime, Gilpin County was a mining center and there are still numerous mines in the area. 

The cities of Black Hawk and Central City have been centers for limited stakes gaming since 1992 when the citizens approved it for three former mining towns in Colorado. These cities today bear little resemblance to their small-town, early 1800's beginnings. Large, modern casinos and hotels are squeezed into the landscape of the small mountain communities and bus and car traffic is constant on the winding mountain roads that lead to the area. Gilpin is one of the smallest counties in Colorado, both in land area and population, with approximately 5,491 residents.

Within the District

Within the First Judicial District there are police and sheriffs. That includes fourteen police departments serving municipalities and two sheriffs' offices providing law enforcement services to the Image of the Gilpin County District Attorneys three story brick buildingunincorporated section of their respective counties as well as the operation of their detention centers, or jails. We also have two colleges, the Colorado School of Mines, and Red Rocks Community College each with their own police departments who also present cases to our office. The District Attorney's Office also works closely with numerous other agencies including the Colorado State Patrol, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Division of Gaming and the Colorado Attorney General's Office.


The Office of the District Attorney is charged with the prosecution of all state criminal offenses occurring in these two counties. In 2016, that amounted to 4,467 felony cases, 27,403 misdemeanor and traffic cases, and 779 juvenile cases a year. These cases are handled by a staff of 175 of which 70 are prosecutors. 

The remaining staff is composed of investigators, victim / witness specialists, diversion counselors and various support staff. We operate adult and juvenile diversion programs for first time, non-violent offenders and are also involved in the management and operation of the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). The JAC is a model program, one of the first of its kind in the country, and is designed to help provide early intervention and assessment for juvenile offenders.