Most Wanted Domestic Violence List

At the beginning of each week, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office publishes its "most wanted" list seeking tips from the public about the location of dangerous suspects. To report the whereabouts of a wanted person, call 303-277-0211.

Weekly Most Wanted

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Most Wanted List

The Most Wanted list represents an agency-wide emphasis on identifying and managing violent offenders. Research has shown that as many as half of domestic violence offenders in the United States commit other crimes outside the home and represent an overall problem for the community. Nearly all offenders on our list are wanted for a domestic-violence-related offense; however, many - if not all - the suspects have demonstrated other risk factors that show potential for future harm to a specific victim or others. As you view the list, you may notice that the charges listed do not necessarily reflect the most heinous crimes committed in Jefferson County. Keep in mind the suspect's charge is only one factor used to determine which criminals represent a high risk. There are other risk factors to consider. These may include: 

  • The inability to function in the community
  • The belief that the victim "belongs" to the suspect
  • Other crimes
  • The failure of the criminal justice system to curb the suspect's criminal behavior
  • The severity of violence.

By focusing more on domestic-violence offenders, the Sheriff's Office is working on behalf of domestic-violence victims, and it is taking preventive steps to decrease crime and improve the quality of life for Jefferson County residents.