Recreational Vehicles Parking

Curbside parking of recreational vehicles and trailers has posed a problem for some Jefferson County neighborhoods in the last several months. The sheriff’s office is responsible for enforcing the parking ordinance. The ordinance does not prohibit the parking of recreational vehicles (RVs) and trailers outright. It simply limits the amount of time such vehicles may be legally parked on the street to 28 days in a years time.

RVs & Trailers

The parking ordinance considers RVs and trailers to be the same as a car or passenger truck when parked on the street, with the exception that they may not be parked there longer than 28 days in a year. A recreational vehicle is any vehicle designed to provide temporary living quarters. ‘Trailer’ does indeed include boats on a trailer as well as any other item such as cars, trash, and trees. The ordinance applies only to public roadways in residential areas in unincorporated Jefferson County.

For deputies to respond to a complaint of an illegally parked vehicle the sheriff’s office must simply receive notification that it has been parked longer than 28 days total in a year.

On the Public Roadway

If you observe a recreational vehicle or trailer parked on a public roadway for longer than 28 days in one year, please contact the sheriff’s office. If another complaint is received (a total of two) a deputy will respond. A summons will not be issued, but a deputy will tag the vehicle, ordering the vehicle to be removed within 72 hours. After 72 hours, the sheriff’s office may tow the vehicle as abandoned.

Deputies have responded to calls regarding RVs and trailers being parked close to a driveway or street corner making it difficult to see around for those entering or exiting those roadways. Typically, when deputies contact the owners they are not aware of the problem and voluntarily move the vehicles.

On Your Property

There is often confusion regarding zoning regulations, covenant controls, and ordinances. The sheriff’s office does not enforce zoning regulations or covenants. Jefferson County zoning regulations allow recreational vehicles to be stored on residential property, provided such vehicles are currently licensed and operable. Several housing developments in Jefferson County require that an RV be screened from view. If you believe a recreational vehicle is in violation of zoning regulations, or you wish to determine the standards in your particular community, please call Jefferson County Planning and Zoning at 303-271-8725.

It is advised that you research the covenant controls in your neighborhood if applicable. The sheriff’s office, nor planning and zoning have authority to enforce covenant controls.

Vehicles for Sale

County ordinance prohibits the parking of any vehicle for sale on a public roadway in a residential area.

Major Motor Vehicle

A major motor vehicle is any vehicle wider than 8 feet or longer than 25 feet or a truck or semi-trailer, regardless of size. County ordinance prohibits the parking of a major motor vehicle on an unincorporated Jefferson County public roadway in a residential area except for loading and unloading, and other immediate active use.