Report a Crime

Emergency or Occurring Now? 

Dial 911


Dial 303-277-0211

Zoning Violation? 

Visit Planning and Zoning's website to file a zoning complaint.

Report Online

Report a Crime Online if the following is true:

  • This is not an emergency
  • The incident occurred in unincorporated Jefferson County. Check the Address Lookup tool.
  • There are no known suspects
  • The incident is not a traffic accident
  • The incident did not involve a gun
  • You have a valid email address

Step 1: Report a Crime Online

This site is for incidents that occur in unincorporated Jefferson County ONLY. Check the Address Lookup tool. If your incident occurred inside city limits, make your report to the city police.

Submit your report using the Report a Crime Tool.  A deputy will review your report and may contact you for further information.

Step 2: Save Your Report

Print or save a copy of the report for your records.

False Reports

Filing a false report is a crime.