The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is a professional organization of committed men and women who share a vision of contributing to the quality of life for our community. Because of that vision The JCSO will continue to be a leader in providing superior law enforcement services to our community.

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  2. Crime Analyst
  3. Animal Control Officer
  4. Detention Specialist
  5. Detention Counselor Supervisor
  6. Detention Counselor
  7. Painter
  8. Building Maintenance Mechanic--HVAC Technician 
  9. Volunteer Victim Advocate 
  10. Inmate Worker  Crew Leader

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The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, in Golden, Colorado, is currently searching for a well-qualified individual to successfully perform the critical responsibilities of the Director of Business and Finance.   The Sheriff’s Office is seeking an individual with government finance skills, as well as capabilities as a policy analyst. This Director must have the ability to effectively identify local, regional and national financial trends, present well-informed economic projections, manage assets, oversee inventory control, monitor and develop budgets and provide excellent leadership.  

The position of the Director of Business and Finance is a deliberate and well-considered element of the Sheriff’s strategic vision for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.  The position will serve as a member of the Sheriff’s Command Staff and will perform a significant role to ensure that the application of sound business practices and responsible fiscal stewardship measures are effectively accomplished by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.  The responsibilities of the Director of Business and Finance are key to keeping Jefferson County a safe place for all people to live, learn, work and play. 

Salary Range:  $115,000 - $135,695   DOQ

Deadline to apply:  December 31, 2019

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A commitment to modern, community-policing principles, along with a proactive approach to crime prevention, creates a professional and engaged workforce. From line-level staff to the sheriff, we are accountable for partnering with citizens to solve crime and quality-of-life problems in JeffCo communities.

Make a Difference

Sheriff's Office employees make a difference in their community every day. We affect people’s lives positively by apprehending dangerous criminals, reaching out to crime or crisis victims and helping the underprivileged through community programs.

Diverse Assignments

 A deputy may spend part of his or her career in a myriad of assignments: School Resource Officer, K-9 or civil deputy, motorcycle or bike units, or as an investigator. He or she may also be tracking drug activity in and around suburban Jefferson County and may later live and work as a resident deputy in the rural mountain area.

Professional employees work in a variety of functions from emergency management to animal control and crime analysis to criminalistics. The supportive administrative functions are vital in supporting The JCSO mission, vision, and values. 

A Great Place to Live, Learn, Work & Play

Jefferson County is located on the western edge of metropolitan Denver and offers urban and rural lifestyles, and thriving mountain communities in the Rocky Mountains. Just minutes from downtown Denver, Jefferson County enjoys fantastic weather, with more than 250 days of sunshine per year, with an abundance of national, state, and local parks.

Jefferson County has a nationally acclaimed school district and a highly educated workforce. Residents and businesses have convenient access to higher educational institutions and a terrific base of heritage companies creating world-class technologies and products.


Despite being relatively large, the Sheriff's Office retains a family atmosphere. In addition to the welcoming staff, there are internal programs in place, including peer support, employee assistance, and a robust alumni that provide support to employees and their families.

More Information

If you are considering a career at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and would like to schedule a tour or ride-along to get a better understanding of the job, please click here.

If you need assistance completing an electronic application, or have any other questions about the hiring process please contact recruiting at 303-271-5332.