The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office employs hundreds of men and women in a variety of jobs. In addition to deputy sheriff positions, there are many operational and administrative jobs available to professional employees.

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Diverse Opportunities

Jefferson County with its unique geographic area includes densely populated suburban centers and rural, rugged mountain regions. These factors combine for a wealth and diversity of job opportunities. A deputy may spend part of his or her career tracking drug activity in and around suburban Jefferson County and may later live and work as a resident deputy in JeffCo's rural mountains. Meanwhile, the Jefferson County Jail offers a much different set of career options.

The Cutting Edge

The Sheriff's Office has outfitted its special units with fully equipped vehicles, such as an armored personnel carrier and operational truck for the bomb squad, a K-9 trailer, a SWAT command bus, a criminalistics van, and a Sno-Cat for snow rescues.

A Culture of Professionalism

A commitment to modern, community-policing principles, along with a proactive approach to crime prevention, creates a professional and engaged workforce. From line-level staff to the sheriff, we are accountable for partnering with citizens to solve crime and quality-of-life problems in JeffCo communities.

A Great Place to Live & Work

Many of the employees who work at the Sheriff's Office also call Jefferson County home. Jefferson County is located on the western edge of metropolitan Denver and offers a diversified geographical setting, from urban and rural lifestyles, to thriving mountain communities in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Just minutes from downtown Denver, Jefferson County enjoys fantastic weather, with more than 250 days of sunshine per year, which makes the abundance of national, state, and local parks and forests a playground for people to play outdoors. Jefferson County has a nationally acclaimed Kindergarten through 12 school district and a highly educated workforce. Residents and businesses have convenient access to higher educational institutions and a terrific base of heritage companies creating world-class technologies and / or products.


Despite being relatively large, the Sheriff's Office retains a family atmosphere. In addition to the open and welcoming staff, there are internal programs in place, including peer support, employee assistance, and a robust alumni that provide support to employees and their families.

To Make a Difference

Sheriff's Office employees make a difference in their community every day. We affect people’s lives positively by apprehending dangerous criminals, reaching out to crime or crisis victims and helping the underprivileged through community programs like Christmas Crusade for Children.