Preliminary Value by Authority

Interim Unadjusted Assessed Values by Taxing Authority

Please Note: The total assessed values shown in the attached report are as of May 1, they change daily as value adjustments attributable to appeals and abatements are made.

These value adjustments will cause the assessed values shown to decrease, sometimes significantly, prior to the issuance of preliminary certification letters in August and the final certification letters in November.

Documents Showing Value by Authority

These values do not include the impact protests filed that have been adjusted and Notices of Determination mailed. They do not include the changes in value attributable to County Board of Equalization (CBOE) hearings. You will see the changes attributable CBOE hearings in your August Certification letter.

Adjustments Not Made

No adjustment for the impact of urban renewal districts has been made to these numbers. No adjustments have been made to business personal property values or state assessed values. Such adjustments may significantly affect the amount of revenue any taxing authority receives.