Crime Mapping

The Sheriff's Office does not facilitate crime mapping functions. There are several services in the market available for you to search for crimes in Jefferson County.

Neighborhood Information

You may request crime information that is neighborhood specific by submitting an address query with the Records Unit.

City Limits

For information on crime within city limits, please contact your local police department.

Crime Trends

To learn more about how the Sheriff's Office addresses crime trends in unincorporated Jefferson County please visit our SMART JeffCo page. The Sheriff's Office also provides many crime prevention and community programs that can help reduce crime, thereby improving the quality of life locally.

Crime Mapping

Updated April 14, 2021: Sorry for the inconvenience while we are currently in the process of switching our vendor for our community crime mapping page. We hope to have the new one up and running in the near future. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Crime Prevention Deputy Mark Bybee at [email protected]