Be Your Own Hero!

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) works with your local fire departments to provide as many resources as possible during a wildfire event and to safely get people out of harm’s way.  Watch this BE YOUR OWN HERO (BYOH) video to learn more about preparing for a wildfire emergency.

BYOH Funformational

BYOH Infographic Download

But don’t wait for someone to come save you. Be Your OWN HERO in protecting your life and property. Download this BYOH infograph to learn more about protecting your life and property before, during, and after a wildfire event.

Wildfire Disasters and Emergency Guide

Wildfire Disasters and Emergencies Guide Cover Opens in new windowDuring large-scale disasters such as these, responding law enforcement, fire, and EMS are very busy preventing loss of life and property, gaining control of the situation, and mitigating its impact on the community. As a result, emergency personnel and resources may be spread thin and may not be able to provide assistance for you and your family quickly.

Therefore, residents are encouraged to take matters into their own hands to Be Your Own Hero rather than rely on the ability of law enforcement or fire personnel to rescue you or save your property during a wildfire or other disaster identified in Jefferson County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.

This online interactive guide provides important information to help you prepare and plan for disasters.

Follow our Twitter account @jeffcosheriffco for regular updates during a wildfire.


Wildfires have had devastating effects on Jefferson County. Due to the county's geographic makeup, wildfire is always a concern, and it is a more potent threat during droughts or dry spells. Jefferson County Sheriff's Office collaborates with multiple agencies and the public to ensure the wildland fire management programs are fully integrated. The Sheriff's Office interacts with partners and cooperators to include planning, preparedness, suppression, restoration, monitoring, research and education components of fire management.

The Fire Information Hotline is your source for up-to-date news on fire restrictions and bans, fireworks regulations and violations, burn permit information and more. Dial 303-271-8200 to be informed.

Fire Restrictions & Bans

The Sheriff may enact fire restrictions and bans for unincorporated portions of Jefferson County. Detailed information can be found on the fire restrictions and bans webpage, the Fire Information Hotline 303-271-8200 or by registering for fire restrictions and bans email alerts.

Prevention & Preparedness

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is heavily engaged in wildland fire prevention and hazard mitigation to reduce unwanted human-caused ignitions, to reduce damages and losses caused by unwanted wildland fires, to reduce unnecessary risk to firefighters, and to reduce the suppression costs of wildland fires. The Sheriff's Office is focused on preparedness with activities planned and implemented prior to wildland fire.

We recommend residents take hazard mitigation steps to make their home less susceptible to fire, including removing 'slash' (debris from vegetation found in forest areas) from around their homes.

Slash events are offered by Jefferson County. Visit the slash collection website for more information.


In the event of, or in preparation of a wildfire emergency, the Sheriff's Office encourages residents to be aware of the evacuation levels, the emergency blog and Lookout Alert (the emergency notification mechanism), as well as services offered to persons with disabilities, Smart911, and other emergency management and preparedness measures. Please visit our emergencies webpage for more details.

Additional Fire Resources